Simulation and method planning

With the systems AutoForm and PAM-Stamp, we meet all demands and identify issues with a probability of over 90%. This way, optimizations can be developed at an early stage and implemented at comparatively low costs.   


With the use of modern software systems we react fast and flexible to the challenges of the automotive industry and develop effective high-class solutions for our customers. With the closed chain of CAD and CAM programming systems as well as the experience of our designers, we design tools that set new standards.


With the precision of our milling machines and the process safety provided by the tool management system, we fulfil difficult tasks quickly and professionally. With over 40 three and five-axis centres workpieces up to 8.000 x 3.100 x 1.800 can be machined. 


The numerous wire eroding and die sinking centers at our sites guarantee high-precision cutting.  


First-class qualification and high motivation as well as long-lasting experience of our tool makers assure the high standard of our tools. 

Laser cutting

The basis of our prototype production for three-dimensional parts is formed by our 5-axis laser-cutting machines. It is programmed by way of our CAD system.

Maximum productivity and excellent cutting results in case of 3D-cutting of hot formed parts are ensured by a dynamic series laser.   


In our press houses mechanical and hydraulic presses are used. This is where we test process safety and make realistic simulations of the customer`s process conditions. A press capacity of up to 2.500 tons is applied on our tools. High precision in parallelism and holding is guaranteed. 


In this field we work with tactile CNC measuring machines and optical measuring devices and guarantee highest quality management standards.