Professional contract manufacturing in construction, machining, tool tryout, pressing of parts as well as measuring and laser technology

From the idea straight to the computer, weba stands for precise thinking, where our experienced design team technically implements the results.  A versatile machine park of machining centers with innovative automation systems ensures maximum flexibility in our production facilities. The extensive experience and the distinctive instinct of our specialized experts are particularly in demand during the assembling of the components and tool tryout.

Areas of contract manufacturing at a glance:

Part Development
Milling of Workpieces made of steel, cast iron, aluminum or carbon
Stamping and Pressing work
Validation and Optimization of the Forming Process

ENGINEERING ... where visions become reality

It is a small step from part development to tool design. We use modern systems in our engineering department to realize our first-class tools. With the closed chain of CAD and CAM programs, as well as the experience of our team, we set new standards! Computer simulation with AutoForm supports the feasibility study and paves the way to 3D design. We use this to create conclusive forming analyzes and provide optimization ideas at an early stage. An experienced design team develops innovative and unique tool concepts. We use Simulia to optimize the cooling efficiency of hot forming tools.


Precise Machining … accumulated know-how visualized by many tons of matter

Extreme precision and exact programming are required for machining of forming components. State-of-the-art milling machines and programming systems make it possible to produce very complicated shapes and contours. Only milling tools that meet the highest quality requirements are used.

Over 40 dynamic and efficient three-axis and five-axis machining centers assure the highest flexibility while machining of challenging materials and large, complex components up to 8.000 x 3.100 x 1.800 mm and 25 t.


Assembly and Try-Out … here comes together, what belongs together

A committed, flexible and enthusiastic team, which solves every problem, no matter how tricky it might seem, to a fullest satisfaction of our customers is our advantage. For tryout of tools, we use mechanical and hydraulic presses up to 2.500 tons press capacity. We test process safety of tools and make realistic simulations of the customer`s process conditions. We pay particular attention to high precision in parallelism and stopping accuracy. The equipment in our pressing units is optimally adapted for the forming of high-strength and ultra-high-strength materials.


Uncompromising performance through unique laser technology

The series laser systems guarantee maximal efficiency and ideal performance during 3D laser cutting of parts. Three laser units are available for cutting of materials up to a sheet thickness of 20 mm and dimensions of 4.000 x 1.500 x 750 mm. We program all of our laser-cutting machines by CATIA system. Thanks to a camera-supported Tech Visio, the operator has a full control of the laser process and can create manual programmers.


Optimized quality assurance by conclusive measuring and testing results

In our fully equipped labs, we realize extraordinary optimizations in forming technology thanks to the conclusive inspection results. Besides the tactile and digital measuring systems, we make metallographic analysis and mechanical material tests in our internal quality lab. That way we ensure the fulfillment of highest quality requirements.