Worldwide demanded as solution

Lightweight is gaining in importance continuously, due to the requested reduction of the fuel consumption and the environmental pollution. But particularly in the body structure, the occupant safety must also be taken into account, so that the ultra-high-strength materials remain the key requirement. However, the increase of material strength usually reduces the formability that might lead to undesirable effects on forming shape and forces as well as dimensional tolerances. Hot forming is the method which meets these requirements. The material is heated to approximately 950 °C, and afterwards transferred to the hot forming tool by a robot and quenched fast in the tool. Heating of the blank makes the material more elastic. Even complex parts can be formed with low material input. Fast quenching leads to part strength of about 1500 MPa.

weba has been producing hot forming tools form more than 30 years and has specialized especially in complex forming geometries and multiple cavities. Efficient cooling system, optimal material utilization, best materials and customized process configuration are the key elements of our success. Our testing equipment matches the series condition and ensures highest part quality. The validation of the series readiness on the automated hot forming line is an additional benefits we offer to our customers. Intelligent tool design enables real time monitoring and predictions as regards the continuous optimization of the process.