Short lead times, high precision

The development and production of punching and forming tools in all sizes for high-strength structural parts is the core competence of weba. We offer our partners a well-engineered range of tools – from transfer tools to progression and line tools with fully-automated gripper and robot handling. Our forming experts accompany the processes of vehicle conceptualization and component development from the beginning. With experience, know-how, simulation analysis, the full usage of all possibilities offered by our CAD-systems, we assess the feasibility and most economic forms of production of a part. During this process we stay in close contact with our partners. Good communication with our customers ensures the flow of information and helps to achieve project objectives.

Transfer tools

Complicated forming parts such as structural and chassis components form the core competence of weba. We pay maximum attention to complete tool design and high production speed at the press.

Line tools 

The development and production of line tools of all sizes is part of everyday work at weba. We have in-depth experience with the construction of tools for different line presses. Comprehensive method planning allows us to design tools for top-performance components. 

Progression tools 

When producing a progression tool we focus on the process safety and the layout of the strip.