Vision & Mission Statement

When it comes to technology and costs, the automotive industry relies on

the global leader in high-level toolmaking for forming and lightweight construction.

In the field of high-level toolmaking, weba creates a trademark out of innovations.

worldwide - We perform worldwide.

efficient - Our solutions increase our client`s efficiency. 

better - Good is not good enough for us. 

automotive - Our focus lies mainly on the automotive industry. 

Our values


… is taken by EVERY employee of weba

… combined with the individuality and the team spirit assures our success

… encourages our independency and our shared commitment

… is the basis of our sustained cooperation with our partners


… means the joint shaping of our future

… assures our technological lead

… exists by the global cooperation in trend-setting platforms

… creates room for innovation


… motivates us to perform at highest level

… is reflected by the quality of our products

… strengthens our team spirit

… leads to a mutual support


… by a fast and flexible use of our resources

… is a result of the professional and global cooperation

… thanks to our product variety

… is based on a permanent further development


… for complex challenges distinguish our team at the market

… assure a strong partnership with our business partners

… are based on our competence, experience and patience

… are individually adapted to the requirements of the market